How to Hear from God

Getting in the right headspace for connection and appreciation is a lot more accessible than you realize. It’s imperative that we intentionally signal our relational circuits to be ON! The best platform to start with when connecting with God can be summarized in three simple steps:

  1. You’re in a positive memory
  2. You’re feeling grateful
  3. Your relational circuits are ON.

Even if you don’t have a positive memory with God yet, start with a positive memory, period! This will lead to a greater probability of you actually having positive experiences while in his presence. Dr. Karl Lehman, author and curator of the Immanuel Approach, puts it simply that “God has designed our brains to work best in relationship.”

We often discount things that come into our awareness when we are trying to discover the root of what is bringing us pain, anxiety, depression, and darkness. Right now, take a moment to pause, breathe, notice what comes up and see how the Lord may be revealing something to you about your current situation. When we combine language and conversation with a person and keep our relational circuits on, this leads to that thought being pulled to the part of your brain where it feels important AND you can recognize what it means. Aren’t our cognitive functions so fascinating?

You are capable of creating NEW classical conditioning when it comes to your perspective toward God. It may take time, but it IS possible. We have unknown beliefs that trip us up on accident, and sometimes those filters cause us to misperceive God. We want you to get unlocked this year and hope you tune in to the Unlock U podcast with Dr. Shannan Crawford, a clinical psychologist, leadership consultant, adjunct professor, keynote speaker, and enthusiast of humanity finding their freedom in every area.

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